Advanced & automated moderation

Protect your Discord server with custom made methods of moderation and auto-mod!

Fighting spam in your channels

Do you find it annoying when people spam certain things in your chat? Well, now you won't have to manually moderate them anymore. Konek0 gives you the options to enable an anti-messages spam filter, as well as anti-caps lock spam and anti-mentions spam. All of these features are customizable to your liking and will make your server much easier to moderate.

Blocking advertisements & blacklisting words

We know that you work hard to grow your server, and you don't want people to advertise their own servers. We also know that banning certain words is hard to enforce. Now with Konek0, you can filter advertisements and blacklist words or sentences. You can also customize their punishment. Do you want to warn them or simply kick or ban them instead? Maybe no punishment at all? No worries, it's all up to you.

Temporary warning & muting

Sometimes a permanent punishment is too harsh, or maybe you just don't want to have to remember to unmute that one user. No worries, let Konek0 do that work for you. You can temporarily warn and mute users, and they will expire automatically. Of course this is all optional, and you can apply permanent punishments instead. Whatever fits your case.

Set up image-only channels

Do you want to set up a media channel where people can't talk? With Konek0, you can. Set up one or multiple channels where every message that isn't an image gets filtered out. You can also set roles that bypass this rule, for example your moderators.