Leveling and role rewards

Make your server feel more alive with leveling and reward your members with roles!

Customize the leveling system to your heart's content

With Konek0, every user has their own level card that contains their level, leaderboard position and total amount of experience points, and you can also add your very own custom level banner! The amount of experience people will earn can be tuned to your liking. Do you want them to level up faster, or maybe a bit slower? That's completely up to you. You can fully customize your level up message to fit your own server theme, or even disable it completely. You can even prevent certain roles from leveling up, for example muted users, and more!

Spice up your server with role rewards

Give your members goals to achieve. Reward their activity with role rewards! You can add an unlimited amount of role rewards and give your members the satisfaction of reaching new milestones. When reaching a certain level, users will automatically be rewarded a role of your choice. All for free!

Transfer your Mee6 xp to Konek0

That's right. With Konek0, you can transfer all your current experience you have on Mee6 with one simple command. This means you don't have to start all over, and your Discord server can easily transfer to a leveling system with free role rewards!